Gardeners’ Delight at Saughton Park

The Caley, is delighted to welcome today’s announcement that the City of Edinburgh Council has been awarded over £3 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore and improve Saughton Park, which will become our new headquarters in Scotland.

The Caley has not had a permanent base since its original 10 acres were absorbed into the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh in 1864.  But we already have a temporary base at Saughton Park and have been working closely with the city council on the development of the plans for the future of the Park. The project gives an unprecedented opportunity to provide a permanent office, library facilities, meeting space, potting shed. There will also be a teaching garden, demonstration garden and a courtyard in front of the restored stable block. These, with the rest of the gardens, will show the wonderful range of plants that can be grown in Scotland.

This is a really exciting project for Saughton, for Edinburgh, for the Society’s future and for gardening across Scotland. The Caley has always focused on the practicalities – methods of cultivation, best varieties, advice on growing conditions – and with renewed interest in growing food and flowers, not least in community groups across the country, this is the perfect opportunity for all of us to share our knowledge”Saughton


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