Spring is coming

Although George has had some frost and a light covering of snow in Mediterranean Joppa, some plants are determined to poke their heads above the parapet.Spring bulbs January

Corydalis Beth Evans normally blooms in late February through to mid March and occasionally in years past has made an appearance at the Caley Spring Show. Too early this year I fear.

George's own pots January 18

The pots of daffodils in the cold glasshouse are slowly drying out and perhaps next week I will commence controlled watering and feeding. The compost they are planted into was boosted with an addition of some Bracken and Wool compost mixed with the usual planter mix that I use.
The covering for the plunge had some high potash mixed through it to try and improve the flower colour for the show bench. Time will tell whether or not it has worked but once I start feeding I will add a capful of seaweed extract to the wateringcan.

Spring Bulbs January(2)

Meanwhile Iris reticulata George is starting to flower and keeping Galanthus Fred’s Giant Company.

More news soon….

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2 Responses to Spring is coming

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  2. Potted Roots says:

    Cant wait for spring, its so depressing just now, so dark, a bit of winter sun would do us all the work of good.

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