George checks on his bulbs

A dull wet windy day in Joppa today (Tuesday)  so after completing some domestic chores I went out to the glasshouse to sort out the bulbs.January 26 Hyacinths

The Hyacinths are greening up well and although ( if you look carefully at the right of the photo) there is one diseased bulb all others look in good order. There are the usual crop of twin flowers again this year and I will need to sort these out later. The anaemic bulbs in the foreground are some pots of Minnow which are taking their time colouring up. Will start feeding soon.

January 26 DaffodilsI set about rearranging the pots so that the tallest and most advanced ones are at the back ( Avalanche, Sealing Wax and Loch Hope) some are starting to show flower buds already and it will be difficult holding them back for the Caley Show.



We do not lift the Caley pots until 13th February and I suspect that they may be slightly less advanced that these ones in ‘Sunny Joppa’.

We will see, fingers crossed.


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