Hyacinth problems investigated

Geroge mentioned in one of his recent blog postings that he felt all was not well with one of the Hyacinths. The leaves were discoloured and the flower bud was looking a bit off colour so today he lifted it and split open the bulb to see what was wrong. Results below

This is the one with discoloured leaves.







Rotted(a)This sort of rot can be encouraged if water lodges in the leaves and around the stem of the bud. The bud was soft to touch and a bit loose. Eventually the bud would be dislodged as the leaves continue to extend.
Rotted 2


This one however was showing no obvious external symptoms but the flower bud looked a bit small.






In this variety the bud has become detached from the main bulb. This often happens when the bulbs are forced too quickly. However, this one had been kept in the cool so it is not clear what has caused its demise.

So it is worth keeping an eye on what is happening. Look carefully at the colour and vitality of the bulb foliage and make sure that you do not splash so much water around that it lodges around the neck of the flower bud.

George will deal with the twin flowered bulbs another day.

Message from bulbs to George:  “As it says on Spike Milligan’s Tombstone ‘I told you I was ill”


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