George’s Friday update

A bit colder today (Friday) after a bright sunny day yesterday (Thursday). I have moved some of the more advanced of my daffodil bulbs (those showing well formed flower buds) outside into the shelter of the glasshouse to slow them down a bit.19 Feb(1)

19 Feb(2)


The Hyacinths lifted in mid January are well greened up now and starting to show tinges of flower colour. I will keep them slightly on the dry side just to slow them down.



19 Feb(3)


The pots of daffs in the glasshouse are progressing well and so far I have only watered them once with a weak liquid feed. All have greened up and are waiting for some sunshine and warmth to really trigger growth.
19 Feb(4)


The Caley bulbs meanwhile continue to green up slowly and have yet to be watered. The tulips are firming up but I wonder if they will make any great progress towards prize winners.



Tahiti, Camelot and Bravoure looking well19 Feb(5)
Those of you that are growing on the pots at home should leave the pots outside for another week but move them into a sunnier aspect so that should the sun start to shine, they will get the benefit.

I will keep you posted on progress here.

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