Maintenance and tidy up day on the allotment

Today was a maintenance day spent tidying up the plot in preparation for the start of cultivation. 

Winter harvest

The netting was taken off the green manure, it hadn’t germinated at all well, a combination of old seed and too late sowing probably. The brassicas, apart from the sprouting broccoli, were almost over so they were dug up and the ground cleared.

We found a whole row of parsnips which had benefited by being under the willow prunings and had really come on, the best we have ever grown.

Strawberry tidy upThe strawberry plants had a tidy up with the old leaves removed. The cherry trees have now been removed. Both had canker and the second one had quite a lot of rot on its roots as well.

Last week the yellow raspberries were dug up. We gave them a try but the fruit didn’t germinate well and was easily damaged by rain. It had little flavour too, unlike the red autumn raspberries which do well for us.

On the plus side the rhubarb is showing the first signs of new growth so the plants all had a good helping of compost put round the crowns.

Renewal. We have been on the site for over ten years and now know well the good points; open and sunny and bad points; exposed and windy. A lot of the fruit is noticeably losing vigour and some are becoming diseased so time for a renewal and re-arrangement.

Over this year and into next we shall gradually plant up the more sheltered western side of the plot with new fruit plants. The east side we will use for vegetables but the ground has not been cultivated since the fruit was originally put in so it will need a lot of hard work to get it into good heart. We shall also need to put up a windbreak of some sort round this end as well.

The fruit cage will be moved over and the raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants will be put in it to protect them against the birds and remove some of our annual tussle with netting.

Dates for the diary
This Sunday is Bridgend Potato Day 11am -2pm on the allotment site.
Allotment Summer Open Day is Sunday 7 August   2.30pm-4pm

Jobs for next week
Start digging
Move the fruit cage

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