Slow progress for some

The weather this week has been dry and sunny. The first of the outside daffs are in bloom. ( Surfside )



Friday 26 Feb(2)


The pots that were farthest forward and we replaced in the shade of the glasshouse are slowly coming into bloom and will remain there meantime.



Friday 26 Feb(3)



In the glasshouse the pots have still not been watered for more than a week and yet the flower buds on many are well advanced. I will continue to withhold their water.



19 Feb(2)



The Hyacinths are well greened now and the flower-buds are starting to swell. Given some heat and sun they will start to elongate and the skill now is to get the flower spike completely out and in full bloom for the show.

Ice Wings, Waterlily (tulips) and the Hyacinths have settled down now and have grown slightly since last week.Friday 26 Feb(5)

Tahiti, Bravoure and Camelot are growing on slowly and just need a bit of sunshine and heat to give them a growth spurt. I may have to try and straighten up the pot of Tahiti soon so that it can be presented s a pot exhibit rather than just for cut flower.

Friday 26 Feb(6)

There are only 5 weeks until the Spring Show so some artificial stimulation may be required soon

Watch this space.

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