A chilly morning on the allotment

Sowing Shallots

Sowing Shallots

The haar made it a chilly morning so we kept on the move. Last week all the beds were dug over and the main task today was to plant out the shallots, variety ‘Hative di Niort’ and onions, variety ‘Centurion’ which had been sown from seed on Boxing Day.




a neat row of Broad Beans

a neat row of Broad Beans

Ian had brought on some broad beans, ‘Bunyard’s Exhibition’ and these were planted out too. As they are hungry plants a trench was dug and plenty of compost added before they were planted out.

At this time of the year the fruit can do with a boost for growth; everything has had a feed with organic chicken manure which is high in nitrogen and will help the plants get into leaf. Each plant also had a shovelful of compost put round its base. In six weeks time they’ll get another feed, this time of a general fertiliser blood, fish and bone and they will have a repeat of that every six weeks through the growing season.

Everything is slow in getting going this year with the lack of sun and warmth. There has been almost no growth on the rhubarb over the last three weeks and the gooseberries are only now coming into leaf.

This Saturday 10am-1pm is the Spring Gathering for all on the allotment with tea and buns; workshops [I am doing two: one on pests and the other on good cultivation techniques] and general merriment!

Jobs for next week
Black plastic on the potato bed to warm up the soil
Digging very thoroughly the old fruit cage area
Plant the new fruit if arrived

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1 Response to A chilly morning on the allotment

  1. Allotmental says:

    Its not that much better down here in London, still cold and damp. I need to put my broad beans and seed onions out though 😉

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