Don’t turn your back.

We returned yesterday from a short stay in Spain and although the weather has been dull and cold during our time away, many of the blooms have become fully open.
Pots with lots of open blooms have been placed in the shade.  The cold glasshouse is now showing lots of colour. There are still lots of blooms to open and so with luck there should be enough for the cut flower sections.march 23 (2)

march 23 (3)


The Hyacinths have opened up well and are now at the stage where almost all of the individual flower pips are open. They will be left in the glasshouse for a couple of days and then placed somewhere sheltered and shaded just to hold them in good condition.

As you can see the tulips are past it really and unlikely to make it to the show. They have been in full bloom now for about two weeks. The Hyacinths look in good order and are open all the way up the flower spikes while the bulbs of Ice Wings are a bit backward and will need to be brought into the heat to bring them into flower.march 23 (4)
Camelot, Taihiti and Bravoure have all stretched up a bit. The pot of Camelot is still well proportioned and will be brought into the heat next weekend to help to open the flowers. march 23 (5)There are only 10 days to go. In the last week or so it is important to keep a close eye on the development of the flowers and pots you intend to exhibit.

  • Keep the pots well watered and in full light in order to bring them into flower.
  • Keep the pots on the dry side and in the shade when you are trying to hold the flowers back.
  • Keep open blooms out of full sun.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the weather especially windy weather.

I will keep you updated and perhaps post some more pictures in a couple of days time.


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  1. Allotmental says:

    Looking great 😉

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