Allotment Update w/e Sunday 27 March

Dear all

A late report due to preparations for the wonderful Spring Show.

I put in some daffodils from the allotment, ‘Rip van Winkle’,  in the miniature class. They do arouse quite strong feelings in people including me but being so small they weren’t wind damaged so it helped to fill the bench.

We did a run to Dundee to the James Hutton Institute to collect the new fruit, a very generous donation via Rex Brennan and planted up the raspberries, varieties, ‘Glen Ample’ and ‘Glen Dee’ and the blueberries, varieties, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Bluecrop’ in the new fruit cage area.

The sweet peas were planted out and we had another bonfire in the incinerator.

The white sprouting broccoli is fruiting well so we had a good picking from it and the purple sprouting broccoli.  We are still finding some Jerusalem artichokes.

Sorry no pictures this week since I forgot my camera.

Jobs for this week
Continue with the new fruit planting
Prepare the ground for carrot sowing
Digging  the old fruit cage area

See you on Thursday.

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1 Response to Allotment Update w/e Sunday 27 March

  1. pamwhittle says:

    It is always worth entering blooms into the show – even if the specific variety is not one you personally like!

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