The large flowered Hippeastrums are still usually called Amaryllis by gardeners. The size and number of flowers depends on the size of the bulbs.  These two stems have 12 flowers between them. The plant has not needed staking as it has been grown in good light. A heavy clay pot can help.



Some people have trouble getting them to flower in succeeding years. Remove the flowers as they fade and use liquid feed as the leaves develop. Keep well-watered and in good light as growth continues. Move to a greenhouse if available. By autumn the leaves may start to die back but even if they are still green withhold water but keep in good light to ripen the bulb. Give them around eight weeks dry and cooler. When growth restarts try replacing the top layer of compost around the neck of the bulbs.

They do well in relatively small pots so only repot when they obviously need it. With plants that will be in the same pot for more than one season most growers prefer a soil based compost such as John Innes.

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