A bright and pleasant day on the allotment

The forecasted warm weather hadn’t arrived at Bridgend by today but it was bright and pleasant and the male pheasant was certainly making himself heard.

The sprouting broccoli have lasted well but they are now beginning to flower so the season is almost over, but we still had a good picking.

Planting out continued with Brussels sprouts put in and interspersed with a few ‘Greyhound‘ cabbages which will be ready in a few weeks. They were covered with enviromesh to prevent the cabbage root fly laying eggs round the base of the stems.

Carrots were sown in the tub, variety ‘Sweet Candle‘, in hope of having them ready for showing and a heritage variey ‘Danvers‘. Though the tub is high off the ground, I covered them with enviromesh to make sure the carrot fly is kept out.

sowing carrots

The pak choi did well over the winter in the frame though it is now beginning to flower so almost over. We’ll use the frame for salad crops and today four varieties of lettuce were sown.

Cuttings of one of the gooseberry bushes were struck last year and they are now well enough grown to move into their new position where they will be trained as upright cordons.

Many of the ties on the espaliered apples have broken so the trunks and branches were tied in again to keep the shape and reduce damage to the roots by wind rock.

Jobs for next week
Dig out the sprouting broccoli

Plant out young pea plants

Sow runner beans

Sow carrots, swedes

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