Warm and sunny day on the allotment

Warm and sunny weather and the apple blossom is finally coming out. The Saskatoon fruit bush is looking well and healthy. We were thinking last year it was not going to survive since the leaves were badly burnt by the wind, surprising since the variety comes from the Canadian prairies in Saskatchewan but it is now thriving and even flowering.  The broccoli is now flowering with the warmer weather so time for it to come out and the grass was cut.

Saskatoon fruit bush

Time today too for putting in young plants grown on at home to give them a better chance of survival. A row of peas, ‘Hurst Greenshaft‘; cauliflower and two varieties of red cabbage were planted out and everything netted.

More herbs were added to the raised bed including chives and carroway, the latter being a first for us so we shall see how it does.

The carrots sown a few weeks ago are just beginning to show and the green manure is through. All the recent sowings and plantings were given a watering.

As well as a good last picking from the broccoli, the rhubarb is now fully grown so we had a good picking from that as well.

Jobs for next week
Dig over the area where the broccoli were
Sow another row of carrots

Keep the hoe going

Water all the new fruit plantings and tubs

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1 Response to Warm and sunny day on the allotment

  1. Old Dutch says:

    Question rather than a comment: When is the best time to plant rhubarb, please? A reasonably sheltered spot in front of a wooden fence, facing east, so only morning sun. It was a small compost bay but material took years to rot down (too cold?) so I have abandoned that use for it.
    Would rhubarb grow well there?

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