Another day at the allotment

The haar came in overnight after the last couple of warm and sunny days but it was gone by late morning and Arthur Seat came into full view again.

Thinning the Japanese veg

Some of the second sowing of Japanese vegetables are now showing enough to do a thinning; very much a hands and knees job. The green manure was cut down and put on the compost heap. Normally it is cut before it flowers but we left it for the bees until the flowers were over.

The raspberries are now ten years old and will be taken out this winter so there is no need to keep the new canes and these were cut out to make it easier to pick the fruit.  The new raspberry plants are already in and growing well so we shall have a crop next year if a small one.

Some more strawberry runners were pinned down for rooting, and the grass and edges were cut.

And then it was picking time; raspberries including the single blueberry that survived the rabbits, courgettes, peas, runner beans and carrots.

Jobs for next week
Nothing apart from hoeing and watering!

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