A misty muggy morning on the allotment

A misty muggy morning with the sun coming out as we were clearing up to leave.

Today we were still working on clearing the posts from the old raspberry bed, the last one was finally dug out. They were all very well hammered in!

The comfrey had its last cut and the leaves were added to the compost heap, another cut for the grass and then a round of picking. The apples, variety ‘Discovery‘, always the first to ripen were all ready for picking. The autumn raspberries are still cropping well and we picked the first of the sweetcorn.

first-pize-for-shallotsThanks to Tom’s skills in growing and entering them, the Allotment won prizes at the Dalkeith Show for shallots and blanched leeks, gaining a first for the shallots and two seconds for the leeks.

Jobs for next week
Check on strawberry runners

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