Getting Ready for Apple Day

Popped into the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh today and checked to see if Gentiana The Caley was in flower as it was such a lovely sunny day. As you can see they were not quite there yet. (Or have I missed it – my own aren’t quite flowering yet which was why I thought I would check.)?rbge-011016


But the garden never disappoints as there is always something of interest.






However the real reason for going was to to get things ready for Apple Day on Sunday  from 12- 4 in the Botanic Cottage.

There will be a large range of apples to help with identification, some from the Botanic Garden, some from East Linton and others from the Borders.  For tasting we have a good selection of different varieties.  So if you want to check out the apple in your garden or taste the difference between Merton Beauty, Aroma, Norfolk Royal Russet, Cevaal, Rival, Pitmaston Pineapple, Nutmeg Pippin, Captain Kidd and Sweet Society come along.

Please Note: I resisted the urge to taste today but will definitely be choosing my favourite on Sunday.


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  1. Old Dutch says:

    Note: Please note: I should hope so too!

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