Bulb progress begins!

This is the first of the Bulb Blog  on the run up to the Caley Spring Show in April.

There is of course plenty of time between now and the beginning of April for things to go wrong but at the moment my own bulbs and the workshop bulbs are snug and cool in their plunge beds.  View of my home plunge bed with the first of the foliage showing through

Shoots emerging from the plunge bed

Shoots emerging from the plunge bed



N. Avalanche in deep clay pots

As well as the bulbs in conventional pots,  I have planted some in deep clay pots and even they are already through the surface.


Deep clay pots of Avalanche are already through the surface and well greened up even though they have been sitting in the shade of an East wall.


In the garden too growth is starting and the first snowdrops are showing colour. No idea what cultivar it is but each year it is the first to bloom.

The early Snowdrop

The early Snowdrop

The weather is mildish at the moment but I am sure we are due for some colder stuff soon.

Will post again after the New Year.

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