Things are greening up for George

Monday:  Good cold crisp morning this morning and the temperature overnight was down to -2C in the cold glasshouse. However the pots of daffodils and Hyacinths are still OK and greening up nicely.6th-february-greening-up-nicely

They have been kept dry and not been fed but once they start to grow as the weather warms I may offer all a weak liquid feed of high potash to help give the flower colour a boost.
Outside, Galanthus Little Ben is standing up well to the cold.

Galanthus Little Ben

Galanthus Little Ben

It does not flop over in the frost like many others tend to do.

Iris histrioides Sheila Ann Germany is now starting to show some blue colouring up as the flower buds develop and extend.


Iris histrioides Sheila Ann Germany


Iris histrioides Beatrix Stanley

This is a new one for me so it will be interesting to see how it performs against Iris histrioides Beatrix Stanley currently flowering its little heart out in a nearby pot.



Not bad for a cold frosty morning.
More later


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