George is watching the weather….




A faint dusting of snow on the car this morning


But overall the days have been mild and growth has progressed. It is difficult to compare this year’s bulb growth with that of previous years but already some of the early cultivars in the garden are showing advanced bud development. 10-feb-garden-buds-developing In the glasshouse the Hyacinths continue to green up and the flower buds are starting to show slight colour.10-feb-hyacinths-beginning-to-show-colour


None of the pots have been watered since they were lifted and washed down. I like to keep them on the dry side so that I can control their growth better once the better days appear. 10-feb-greening-up-and-drying-out



Even here some of the pots are showing flower buds.

In the garden the blooms of Viburnum X Bodnantense ‘ Charles Lamont’ have suffered a bit from cold winds and frost. Not much here for the bees now.10-feb-frost-damage-on-viburnum


More later

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