Bulb Blog – 14th February

At the bulb lifting session on Saturday one or two folk asked about the progress of their Scamp Challenge bulbs, Gallipoli Dawn. I have grown it for the past two years and found it to be one of those reliable flowerers.


N. Gallipoli Dawn

Even pots that are just showing green shoots above the buds should flower in time.

This pot is not as far on as some of my others but I am confident that it will catch up in plenty time for the Show.


Many of the pots are well greened up now and it should be noted that none have had any added water since they were lifted.14-feb


I may start watering next week and feeding once a week with a weak high potash feed just to increase the intensity of the flower colour.

The Hyacinths are well greened now and the buds are showing signs of colouring up. They have a long way to go and again I am suspicious about the appearance of some as they might have double flower spikes. 14-feb-hyacinthMeanwhile The CALEY bulbs are quite happily sitting in the shade.14-feb-caley-bulbs



More later

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