Midweek bulb report from George

It has been a bit windy this afternoon and the bulbs have been getting a bit of a stir about in the breeze.  I have brought a couple of my pots of hyacinth inside just to get them into flower for Haddington Flower Show on Sunday 19th. The heat and sunshine will soon bring them out I hope.

I suspect that after a couple of days they will be put back outside. I will want all the flowers out and all the spikes equal in height.

The Caley bulbs are still outside as they have plenty of growing to do yet before I push them on into flower. And I will post more about them on Friday.

Meantime the pots in the glasshouse continue to push up their flower buds and I will need to keep them well watered

The pots outside are starting to promise some flower colour and will need to be held back for the Show in 4 weeks time.

I will now need to keep them in the shade to delay their flowering slightly.


The buds of Avalanche growing in full sun are starting to open so I will need to move them to ‘the dark side’

More on Friday

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