Weekend catch up with George as he checks his bulbs

Friday morning was dull with a hint of wet in the air but the bulbs have enjoyed the sunshine of the previous two days. The Caley bulbs have been sitting out in the sunshine for the past week and are now starting to show some colour.  The Hyacinths are looking reasonably good with no double flowers and all three spikes are of a similar size.


The Pot of Rapture is needing a bit of a tidy up and stake and the tulips have firmed up and starting to look OK.



My own pink Hyacinths are reasonable but many of the others are very uneven and will take some fiddling to get them looking good.

The pots of Caley daffs are coming along nicely and the flower buds are just beginning to show some colour.



With 4 weeks to the show I will try to hold them back a bit so that they are in flower about a week before the event.

I was hoping pot of Soldanella would keep for the Show but I am not so sure now. It is much earlier into flower than in previous years.

It is never easy.
More later

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2 Responses to Weekend catch up with George as he checks his bulbs

  1. Claire Ross says:

    My bulbs are also starting to bloom, could you give some hints to hold them back for the show

    • George Anderson says:

      Hello Claire,
      I have the same problem as there are a number of pots starting to floŵer already. What I do is move the most advanced pots into the shade of a hedge or shed for example. So,where where it is cooler and less sunny is ideal. It is possible too that withholding water for a little while will slow the flowering down a bit. However remember that once the flowers are open they will stand fresh and wholesome for anything up to three weeks.
      So keep them cool and shaded and out of the wind.
      Hope this helps.

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