George prepares in case of March winds

“March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodils”:

All very romantic but remember wind can be quite a damaging ingredient when mixed with daffodils at flowering stage. So make sure that they are well staked or are at least in a spot where they are sheltered from both the direct wind and the little swirls and eddies it produces.

The bulbs in the lee of the glasshouse are starting to open their flowers and will need to be staked and spaced out to stop the flowers rubbing against one another and damaging the petals.

Most of the pots outside are Early cultivars while those in the glasshouse are mid or late season varieties and need to be kept in the gentle warmth to get them in flower.Most are showing potential with colour in the flower buds.


The pots of Hyacinths are all in flower now but in a number of the pots there is uneven flowering with in each case one of the spikes about three or four days behind the others. I have supported some of the blooms and others remain to be staked.

Off to get the stakes and string
More later

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