Joppa missed the worst of the snow.

We missed the worst of the snow here in sunny Joppa. Just as well because it would have been the last straw in this difficult season, I just need a plague of frogs or boils to complete the set!!

The Caley jobs are doing well however, maybe that is because they were lifted from the plunge later than my own or because they are different cultivars in the main.

The Hyacinths still have the stakes and strings on them to keep them upright. These will be removed nearer the Show day.

The Tulips meanwhile are just starting to show the slightest hint of colour so I will need to keep them out of the sun from now on. If I leave them in the sunshine they will colour up and then open. The problem is that the judges like nice tight couloured buds and once the flowers open they never close properly again. So off to the dark side for them.

The pots of daffs are OK, showing flower colour in most cases. The cultivar Rapture is well into blooming and it will also have to be kept shaded to try to get the flowers to last for the next two and a half weeks.



The double cultivar Madame Speaker will also need to be kept cool and shaded just to hold it back so off to the north side of the shed it goes.


The others are just chugging along nicely and should be about right of the Show.

We will see.
More later

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