It is all about Brinksmanship, how close to the edge can we go without the blooms going over.  Just to mix the metaphors, Am I sailing too close to the wind?

The pot of Hyacinths ( Delft Blue ) and the Tulips (Fur Elize) are looking OK. The Hyacinths have opened right to the top of the flower spikes and the Tulips are just starting to show some slight colour.

The pot of Rapture has a number of tall blooms and short blooms. The pot is really a bit of a mess but no worries. The tall blooms will be used as cut flowers ( Division 6 ) and the shorter blooms will be left in situ and with the pot tidied up and moss added it should be presentable. The other pot (Thriplow Gold) looks pretty even and should do as it is.

Madame Speaker, the double daffodil is showing good colour and by the time of the show the flowers should be well developed. I managed to break one of the stems so, note to self, take time and be more careful. The pot of Golden Amber looks good but will it hold??

It is all about the weather, the flowers are at the mercy of the sun, the wind, hail, plagues of boils and frogs and my ability to tend them through the last two weeks.

Nail biting times.
It will be easier next week.

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