Nearly time!

Just incase you have nothing to do this evening, here is the latest epistle from Joppa. Only one week to go until the show and if you are anything like me, you will be fussing over your pots and blooms

When I drew back the curtains this morning this is what greeted me on an otherwise bright day!Watch out for slug damage now that the temperatures are increasing and there is some moisture in the air.  They can climb up tall stems and damage a number of flowers in a single night.  So take the necessary measures.

The pot of Hyacinths are still just OK, as are the tulips.


The tulip is “Fur Elise” and is slowly developing and showing colour.  Both will need final staking before they go on the show bench.


The pots of daffodils are also ok and have benefited from being kept in the shade and shelter.

While they have grown a bit taller than I would have like they are still presentable and will be staked and tidied up before next Friday.

The pot of Rapture on the right is a bit uneven but if I cut the tall flowers and use them in the cut flower section the remainder in the pot will still be ok.

Just after this photo was taken I turned my back and a gust of wind toppled both pots.  Thankfully they are still ok.

Meanwhile in the glasshouse, the last of the blooms are opening and should be good for the show.

Fingers crossed for cool dull days over the next week.  Strange what one wishes for on occasions.

I am sure it will be OK.



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