A Spring Day on the Allotment

A dull start but the sun was out by lunchtime. Spring has definitely arrived with all the daffodils in full bloom and some cut which may be good enough for the Spring Show.  We’ll see how they look tomorrow.


We finished putting a mulch of leaves on the beds of the new planted fruit which will help prevent loss of moisture and keep the weeds down. The ground was quite dry so the fruit had a good soak first.

The soil temperature was up to 8C at 20cm down so warm enough to get the first of the potatoes in. This year the first early variety is ‘Sharpe’s Express’, an old favourite.

Green alkanet has infiltrated the comfrey bed. The leaves are similar to comfrey but the alkanet leaves have white spots on them. It is invasive so time to work on clearing it out.

Diary Date Allotment Open Day is Sunday 20 August 2pm-4pm. George will do his customary pruning workshop.

Jobs for next week
First sowing of carrots, beetroot, peas, turnips
Dig the last bed
Continue clearing out the green alkanet

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