It is time for winter veg on the allotment.

It was time to tackle the couch grass that had found a home along the north edge of the plot.  A slow job but a satisfying one as the roots are tracked down and eased out. Couch grass had also got in among the Welsh onions so it was taken out and they were thinned, and some general weeding about was done.

Welsh onions earlier this year

The ‘playpen’ where we keep the wire netting and wood and canes was emptied; interesting how things collect that we don’t need immediately but may do some day but does that day ever come? Some of the wood will go to new edgings for the raised beds but the pile for the next bonfire got quite a few additions.

The last of the beetroot and carrots were dug out today so from now on it is the winter veg.


Jobs for next week
Continue weeding round north edge
Start repairing the raised bed

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