George is getting ready for spring

The Greenhouse has been made ready.

The bulb foliage is well through the top of the plunge so I have made the decision to lift them out. This is much about the same as last year when I started proceedings round about Burns Night.The pots are cleaned off, removing all the plunge material and scraping off just enough compost from the tops of the pots to allow a space for watering later.
At this stage I will leave the pots unwatered and let them dry out so that I can control the watering and therefore their growth.


I lifted some of my own bulbs from the allotment this year hoping that they would perform well but sad to say they appear to be a bit uneven at this stage. However I also have bulbs from Scamp, Walkers and Parkers as a safety net.
Fingers crossed.

More later:  Geroge

Footnote from Pam: I can see no foliage on my pots at home.  But am not worried – yet!

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