Is it a hedge or is it a fence?

I have spent a lot of time looking at hedges and  fences over the past year and whilst this would not have been suitable to replace the 50metres of leylandii hedge, I do like it!


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6 Responses to Is it a hedge or is it a fence?

  1. Richard says:

    A fedge? It would have been a lot easier to build than a fence but it wouldn’t have blocked the veiw of the lorries!

  2. George Anderson says:

    While I like the pattern created by the willow stems I worry about what happens in winter when there are no leaves on the twigs. Perhaps a hedge on Tsuga heterophylla would be worth a try for your Leylands replacement. Western Hemlock makes a good hedge and is capable of withstanding the frost and wind. There is a very good example at RBGE planted back in the 1960s I think. Worth a thought.

    • P says:

      Too late – we put a real fence. Come out and check it out sometime!

      • Richard says:

        But we are covering it. We already have apple trees, raspberries, loganberries, clematis and wisteria planted. Not sure how the wisteria will fare here at 220m!

  3. Josh says:

    What a great effect! That would make my garden look amazing! How did you do it 😀

  4. justducky2 says:

    how far apart are the whiips?

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