Warm and sunny on the allotment

It was a warm and sunny day on the allotment with no wind. The growth this year is amazing though we are now seeing the results of some cold weather on the apples. There is no fruit at all on the cooker ‘Grenadier’ and quite a lot of dead blossom and leaves on ‘Lord Derby’.

All the vegetables are now sown.  Only the winter brassicas are waiting to be planted out when there is a space for them.

Today the comfrey had its first cut, a shame since it has a lovely flower beloved of the bees but, we grow it as a green manure so time for it to be harvested and added to the compost heap.

First strawberries of seasonThe strawberries are ripening and they were netted against the birds.

Tom came to dig up the shallots for drying off and preparing for the autumn shows.

The green tub we are putting the green waste into has been colonised by ants but we are just putting the new waste on top. They will have to take their chance!

Jobs for next week
Weeding and watering of tubs and courgettes
Check for flatworm and check the netting.

Plant out the kale [from the frame] where the shallots were.  Add some blood, fish and bone and cover with enviromesh to protect against cabbage root fly until well grown.
Thin the lettuces in frame.

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